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Jason is a classically-trained guitarist and talented vocalist with many years of experience in the music business. 
He has an extensive repertoire of songs crossing many eras and genres and has performed domestically and internationally at a wide range of events as a solo artist and band member.  A skilled and versatile musician, Jason has performed as a lead vocalist and guitarist covering most every style from rock, pop, folk, blues, and jazz, but admits that country is his ultimate guilty pleasure.
Jason is also adept at arranging and interpreting virtually any style of music and at home playing live or in the studio.   An accomplished finger-style acoustic guitar player and solo troubadour, Jason has a unique playing style, often able to preserve the hook of the song while keeping a solid groove.  He credits his musical influences to be the great singer/songwriters of the 70s, namely James Taylor, Neil Young and Jackson Browne.  He is so struck by well-crafted songs and the process of songwriting that he penned a tribute to his heroes entitled "A Good Song" capturing the magic of how good songs can make us all feel.  He also adds variety to his show by playing the harmonica at various times during his performance.  
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